Welcome to Fortaleza
and the Conference

Dear colleague,

Welcome to our conference site! First and foremost, I hope you will decide to join us in Fortaleza, a jewel of the North coast which has all the attractions and facilities of an outward-looking city dedicated to tourism, to expanding the benefits of its bustling commercial activities to the interior and to offering first-class educational opportunities.

Secondly, we are in the course of putting together a programme of talks and sessions by top speakers which will have the customary range of provocative topics, reflections on practices and news and views on theories, methodologies and issues. As always, we are very grateful to our sponsors for making this possible. We hope to announce the names of most guest speakers by Easter.

Thirdly, I encourage academic colleagues to submit proposals for papers. We are all aware that our theme is challenging but please do not be intimidated by this. I know that by definition, all Cultura teachers enjoy challenges so get your thinking caps on, brainstorm and discuss ideas with colleagues and voilá, you´ll have a proposal to make. We shall also accept proposals on other themes and topics but priority will be given to those on Setting Bolder Challenges.

We encourage teachers to submit papers and poster proposals. Your participation is key to our conference.

Now, the first step towards your participation is to register for the event. Please follow the procedures given and note the payment method.

As you will see, we have inspected all the hotels and guest houses we list and obtained good discounts on room rates. But you have to make your own reservations and that includes your negotiating any special requirements. The Accommodation page gives contact details of those who can help you on other issues arising from hotel arrangements.

Please contact me by email (evandro@culturainglesa-ce.com.br) if you have any enquiries.

I am sure this will be a humdinger of an event. Don’t miss it! And do contribute to it! We are a friendly bunch!

Evandro Gueiros (Organizing Committee)

General Information

1. The conference will take place in the Fabrica de Negócios/ Praia Centro Hotel (www.fabricadenegocios.tur.br), which is on the corner of Rua João Cordeiro and Av. Monsenhor Tabosa, 740. This location is close to almost everything (the ocean, the city centre, shops, other hotels, pousadas, restaurants, cafés, banks, hairdresser,etc.) We will use all three floors of the Fábrica. Registration and most of the rooms for workshops are on the ground floor. The first floor is where the stands, the Conference Administration office and lunch and coffee breaks will be. The main auditorium which will be used for the opening/closing ceremonies, plenaries, some Talks e Workshops, is on the third floor.

2. Registration begins at 13:00 on Tuesday 19th July, and the opening ceremony will begin promptly at 14:30. The conference will end on Thursday 21st July at about 19:30. Our Night Fever party will take place at the fábrica - on Thursday 20th July. For those staying on in Fortaleza after the conference, we strongly recommend the evening at Praia do Futuro on Thursday 21st July for an evening of comedy acts, dancing and sampling fish and crab. For those planning to arrive on or before 18th July, don't fail to visit the famous Pirata Bar - the New York Times rates it "the liveliest Monday night on earth". Even so, while in the South American city that never sleeps, do take 40 winks in a hammock, watch the world go on the sparkling beaches, strike-up some friendly banter with the locals and smack your lips over the wonderful sea-food.

3. Our eco-friendly conference will make the most of new technologies, not least to save using paper. The conference programme and other relevant information will be displayed on TV monitors on and throughout all three floors. Please therefore bring and use your smart phones and tablets during the event. Broad-band WiFi is available on all three floors.

4. All plenary and guest speakers and Cultura Inglesa Talk/Workshop presenters who plan to use projectors/notebooks – especially Apple MacBooks, please remember to bring your own device and any adaptors that can be connected to your equipment. Please also test everything beforehand to make sure it is working and do bring any extras you may need such as flashdrives. The Organizing Committee would be very grateful if every speaker and Cultura Inglesa presenters could make the content of their presentation available on flashdrives. We wish to make presentations available on the website immediately after the conference.

5. We are extremely grateful to our sponsors for making arrangements to bring speakers of the first rank to our event. We shall update this list weekly as from February 2016 but we shall not be able to confirm what the title of the sessions or on what exact date these will be until early April. Inevitably some dates and/or times will change for reasons beyond anyone´s sole control.

6. The full academic programme will be published in May. This will include Cultura Inglesa presenters and therefore please submit your proposals for papers by the deadline of 5th February 2016.

7. Local Contacts:

Conference landline number: +85 3033.8700
(please ask to speak to one the following people or contact them directly)

Head of Local Organizing Committee (Evandro Gueiros)
(evandro@culturainglesa-ce.com.br / +85 98854.2669 or 98187.5086)

Head of the Academic Committee (Beatriz Meneguetti)
(beatriz@culturainglesamaringa.com.br / +44 9972.8866)

Organizing & Academic Committees
Evandro Gueiros (evandro@culturainglesa-ce.com.br)
Valda Sanchez (valda@culturainglesaaraxa.com.br)
Steve Barlow (stevesbarlow@gmail.com)
Beatriz Meneguetti (beatriz@culturainglesamaringa.com.br)
Valéria França (valeria.franca@culturainglesa.net)
Rubens Heredia (rubens.heredia@culturainglesasp.onmicrosoft.com)
Maria Higina de Almeida (maria.higina@culturabh.com.br)

Registration & Finance (Suellen Façanha & Lidiane Magalhães)
(suellenfacanha@culturainglesa-ce.com.br / +85 98154.2992)
(lidiane@culturainglesa-ce.com.br / +85 99150.3907)

Conference Office (Priscila Ackermann & Gilles Robert)
(priscila.ackermann@culturainglesa-ce.com.br / +85 98173.6606)
(gilles.robert@culturainglesa-ce.com.br / +85 98825.6609)

Exhibitors & Stands (Artemilce Gerke & Patricia Ramos)
(artemilcegerke@culturainglesa-ce.com.br / +85 98183.0955)
((patriciaramos@culturainglesa-ce.com.br / +85 98213.7069)

IT & Equipment (Sergio Araújo & Ricardo Gueiros)
(sergio@culturainglesa-ce.com.br / +85 98660.1755)
(ricardo@culturainglesa-ce.com.br / +85 98854.2527)

Accommodation & Entertainment (Jordana F. & Gislene Sampaio)
(jordana.figueiredo@culturainglesa-ce.com.br / +85 99185.2175)
(gislene_sampaio@yahoo.com.br / +85 98730.8458)